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A retained search firm dedicated to technology & engineering in the emerging energy sector.

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We are a small group of experienced professionals dedicated to the growth and success of businesses committed to building clean, safe and affordable energy systems. To that end, we offer retained search and consulting services.
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Our consulting services were created to offer the benefit of our expertise to both the client company and the technologist interested in joining one of the emerging start-ups in this sector.
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For more information on our retained search services for the energy sector, please contact us.

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    Can We Afford it?

    The month of April 2014, has seen significant economic and environmental summits. Bloomberg’s New Energy Financial summit convened on April 7th and continued through April 9th. The Bloomberg committee acknowledged a number of New Energy Pioneer winners. Rating the Candidates   The candidate rating criteria is based on three factors: 1. potential to scale, 2. innovation […]

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  • image036

    Denial: The Deadliest Virus on the Planet Today

    It isn’t difficult today to turn on the television or watch a YouTube presentation or even pick up a local paper and find a wide assortment of new diseases, tragedies, and violence unlimited. After reviewing most of the Internet sites available and all other channels through out, we have concluded that there is nothing more […]

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    2014 – Santa Sophia Shifts

    Happy Holidays to you and yours. We wish you a peaceful, prosperous and well-informed 2014. We’re Shifting our Mission Santa Sophia Search will be shifting our mission as 2013 winds down. Our intention was to support responsible companies or individuals who were committed to creating and building organizations focused on clean, sustainable energies. What we […]

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  • Safe Nuclear Power

    Why Look at Nuclear Power?

    Why look at nuclear, with all its problems, when it looks like solar, wind, electric cars and biofuels are gaining momentum? Concern for our home environment is not new. Data has been coming in for decades regarding the pollution in our atmosphere, in our oceans, our rivers, even our food. We seem to have been […]

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  • Print

    First: Understand Where the Harm Originates…

    None of us live in a bottle isolated from the rest of the planet. Our ecosystem supports all life from the Pacific Northwest to South America to Asia to Europe and the Steppes of Mongolia. We are all connected and we all bear the responsibility and the consequences of believing that we are separate. We’re […]

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