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Happy Holidays to you and yours. We wish you a peaceful, prosperous and well-informed 2014.

We’re Shifting our Mission

Santa Sophia Search will be shifting our mission as 2013 winds down. Our intention was to support responsible companies or individuals who were committed to creating and building organizations focused on clean, sustainable energies. What we discovered is that Big Oil and their lobbyist control all our resources. We are not leaving the playing field as disgruntled naysayers. We quite simply realized the inadvisability of offering unique services to an industry that is not yet born.

Factory Smokestacks Polluting the AirWe will be closing both the recruiting arm and the consulting arm of Santa Sophia Search for 2014. Our dedication to research will continue, but the majority of our time will be spent taking a close and personal look at what is happening in other parts of the world. We look forward to reporting in on what we may find.

The Koch brothers, with a reputed wealth of $36 billion each, dominate and control the ‘emerging’ energy sector that we believed would emerge as a viable means of not only creating clean, affordable and sustainable energy, but developing a desperately needed economic boost.

Instead, the Koch companies and allies, appear to have wrestled the entire renewable sector into the coral. As an example of their far-reaching power, take a look at the recently proposed solar tax being touted by the Arizona Public Services. Prior to a public vote a series of misleading ads flooded Arizona decrying the solar industry’s dependence on government funding. These ads were paid for by independent consultants from Koch brothers companies.

This time Arizona Public Services, backed by the Koch brother’s power machine, lost the vote. But the Koch machine spends billions each year spreading a blanket of dangerous and erroneous information across the country. Much of that information is aimed at any form of energy that potentially threatens a dollar of fossil fuel revenue.

Earnest Moniz

Many of us who have been in contact this past year, were thrilled and so hopeful when Earnest Moniz was named head of the Department of Energy. Moniz, a Ph.D. in nuclear physics out of M.I.T., presumably, would know every aspect of nuclear energy. We watched in dismay as he publicly supported the sustainability and economic advantages of natural gas and it’s pipeline which lies over the Ogalala Aquifer. He made no mention of the hazards of fracking associated with the production of natural gas. Nor, did he mention thorium.

Summing it Up

Our summation is this: Corporations, lobbyists, politicians and the powers that control our country are not currently interested in the welfare of the planet. Perhaps, that’s a bit harsh and they are all very interested, just not interested enough to actively do the right things. We seem to have a national passion for short term gratification and the long term be damned.

A friend of mine recently wrote to say, “Leave it to the Norwegians.” While the Norwegians would appear to possess all the fossil fuel they could ever use in their own North Sea, it is the Norwegians who are pushing forward the thorium initiative in the form of a talent populated start-up called Thor Energy (www.thorenergy.No\) Norway is also creating the first thorium research center.

Take note, Koch brothers: unless you currently own Norway, you are in for some stiff competition in the decades ahead. When we are able to see the benefits of clean, sustainable nuclear energy, perhaps your willing consumer base will not be so easily duped.

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