We are a small group of experienced professionals dedicated to the growth and success of businesses committed to building clean, safe and affordable energy systems. To that end, we offer retained search and consulting services.

We believe that we all need to explore and understand the planetary energy issue and how it impacts each of us and future generations.

We recently learned that turning up the thermostat can cost much more than our budget allows. We learned that burning fossil fuels can be a serious detriment to our health. We have, also, learned that there are other options; options that could provide clean energy in abundance.

It is our mission to support and contribute to those companies that produce clean, safe, affordable and sustainable energy for generations to come.

Our History

Atomic SymbolIt was our privilege to build a retained search firm at the inception of the PC industry. At that time, innovation surrounded us. We produced the first Macintosh OS workshop on Apple campus. We recruited exclusively for Paul Allen when he left Microsoft and began his work on a new user interface design. Our clients were the who’s who of the technical revolution. We worked on Low orbit satellites for Teledesic, a joint venture between Bill Gates and Craig McCaw. We began our work for Jeff Bezos in his first months of Amazon.com. At that time, the Internet was the next big leap in technology. One of our last significant assignments was for the largest deliverer of clean and safe nuclear power in the world. We have had a 25+ year adventure working with the brightest people in the industry who were inventing the next step forward.

Several years ago we were presented with an opportunity for a sabbatical. That opportunity and fascination with energy and how it is created and delivered led to the purchase of a straw bale cottage in one of the coldest and the hottest parts of our country. We were given the opportunity to learn the reality of deliberate living.

We used that time to research what the next big step may be. Our research and living situation indicate strongly that the next steps in invention must be in the world of sustainable energy. To that end we are leaving the peaceful world of sabbatical behind and joining forces with the emerging leaders in the energy revolution.

Our focus in the coming years will be on the conversion of energy to power and its delivery. We believe that there will be many challenges along the way. But, each hurdle will teach us more as we progress.

Renewable Energy Businesses are Being Built Today In:

  • Solar power
  • Wind power
  • Energy storage
  • Geothermal power
  • Biomass conversion/Algae
  • Energy optimization
  • Several forms of clean,safe, and affordable nuclear power

Our research indicates that if we combine all of the first six sources of energy, we will still fall short of meeting the energy needs of the future. Therefore, we must also look carefully at the new generation of clean, safe nuclear reactors.

Field of CornGiven that experts estimate that it will take 5-15 years to bring the new nuclear reactors on line, we advocate moving full speed ahead with the optimization of all other clean energies.

Our talent lies in the ability to identify, locate and engage the top 1% of the talent pool. Our history validates this bold statement. Regardless of the type of energy company you wish to build, you will need the inventors, the technologist and engineers to build it.

Prior to Amazon.com, there had been no need for sophisticated network infrastructure engineers that could scale a system to meet the needs that rapidly became apparent at Amazon. We believe the same will be true of the technical talent required to build this new industry.

It is that which creates the excitement and drive to contribute to that emerging industry.

It is important. It is more significant than shopping or gathering information. It is more critical than social networking. In fact, our very survival is at stake.

We’re throwing our hat back in the ring and getting out our traveling boots. We have a massive number of technical contacts and a very broad circle of friends. It is our intention to recruit the very best talent available to meet the needs of those clients aspiring to offer solutions to our world.

If you are an inventor; if you are a business owner; if you are a board member of a thriving concern; if you are a venture capitalist; if you are committed to building a sustainable world for our future generations, we would welcome an opportunity to speak with you about your current need for talent.

We invite you to review our client list. References are available upon request.

Our Operating Principles

Solar EnergyWe believe that our greatest asset is our commitment to our candidates and clients. We provide a highly necessary service by reporting to the executive in need of talent. Our specialty is and has been the applications of deep technology.

Our unique experience allows us to locate those hard to find and harder to engage inventors, scientist, technologist and engineers who have patented the technologies that have become an integral part of our lives. Can we even imagine a world without cell phones with intuitively obvious user interfaces? We are surrounded by devices that connect us to our world and each other. In 1973, a mere 40 years ago, the majority of those inventions did not exist. Our world was changed beyond recognition. Amazon.com, alone, eliminated the need for shopping malls! We believe that the next technical leap will be even more transformational than the last decades.

We have an enormous amount of respect for the individuals and the companies who have built our current technical landscape. We are eager to interact with the architects of our future.

It is our intention to focus our energy and our resources in contributing to the next quantum leap in technology – the energy industry.

We value our relationships and believe that our highest gauge of success is those long term relationships. Our references will come from clients and candidates who have worked with us year after year. We consider ourselves to provide a valuable service that can be judged by the success of the companies we represent.

While our home base is Washington state, we travel where ever our clients reside and we travel to meet those elusive candidates that are so difficult to secure.

If you share our passion for creating the next great company building the next great solution, we would enjoy speaking with you. Please contact us.