Can We Afford it?

The month of April 2014, has seen significant economic and environmental summits. Bloomberg’s New Energy Financial summit convened on April 7th and continued through April 9th. The Bloomberg committee acknowledged a number of New Energy Pioneer winners.

Rating the Candidates

  pic-parched-soilThe candidate rating criteria is based on three factors:

1. potential to scale,
2. innovation
3. and momentum.

Each of the winning pioneers’ is building new solutions to global environmental problems. And, each are in some measure tied to innovation that supports the current status quo.

The Bloomberg organization did a phenomenal job of providing live video’s and excellent web accessibility to information. It is well worth reviewing for a good understanding of what types of innovation are currently underway. These companies have funding and established leadership and boards providing them an excellent chance for success.

Decree of 200 Leading Scientists

The Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change, a panel of 200 of the worlds leading scientists, have decreed that we must increase renewable energies dramatically in the next 15 years in order to prevent climatic disaster.

The news in from this conference in Berlin is a bit more disruptive than the Bloomberg conference, but hopeful, in that the final report indicates that we have the renewable technologies in place to succeed in this endeavor if we increase the use of renewables by 3 to 4 times.

The report, also, indicates that atmospheric carbon dioxide levels are increasing exponentially, as more and more human habitats are being developed to support increasing population and their energy requirements.

Banding Together to Address Tough Questions

pic-mega-hurricaneWe must take into account the human condition. Given that we now understand that human advancement has created our current crisis, we must rely on knowledgeable and experienced leadership to guide us to solutions.

We must be inspired as a species to band together and meet this crisis utilizing all our most powerful resources to address this planetary challenge in a timely and productive way.

Hope is mandatory. Focused effort is essential. Careful planning followed by brilliant execution is demanded. We are speaking of the successful survival of our species.

Can we afford to hope that the majority of the western population will voluntarily give up their current lifestyles and comfort for the greater good? Is it responsible as stewards of this earth, to relax our individual rigor, believing that those currently in power will handle the crisis on our and our earth’s behalf?

It has been my honor to work for some of the most innovative, scalable, productive and creative companies in the world. Believe me when I say that demanding that 60 or 600 or 6,000 employ’s focus on a single objective, working round the clock, creating fool proof, well designed up front plans and then executing to that plan, is a miracle. It is a state of corporate grace. It is a brilliant, flashing meteor that you may journey with for a short distance once in a lifetime. It is well beyond rare to find a single company that can perform that feat consistently for 15 years.

Yet we are being asked to believe that a myriad of companies, intergovernmental regulators, politicians, scientists and an array of non-profits – all with their unique perspectives, all operating with an overwhelming imbalance of resources and varying degree’s of integrity can correct our current course in time to prevent further disasters.

pic-sea-errosionCan we afford to believe in miracles to address this climatic crisis we all face? Can we find the courage to face the reality of our clear and present danger? Can we afford to be uninformed? If we find the courage to face our own level of responsibility, can we then tolerate blind submission?

These, I believe, are the questions of our day. And, they are the questions that each adult living in the luxury of our society, must answer, if not for themselves, then for their children and grandchildren. The IPCC reports are in and they are comprehensive.

May we suggest that you visit both of these organizations on the web? They contain a wealth of current, valuable, and easily understood information.

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