Denial: The Deadliest Virus on the Planet Today

It isn’t difficult today to turn on the television or watch a YouTube presentation or even pick up a local paper and find a wide assortment of new diseases, tragedies, and violence unlimited. After reviewing most of the Internet sites available and all other channels through out, we have concluded that there is nothing more dangerous than this hidden predator.

We’re terrified of succumbing to the Denial Virus, which we have found to be of epidemic proportion.

Tricky and Appealing

pic-men-talking-cowboy-hatsOne of the most insidious symptoms of the virus is that the infected humans are rarely aware of the disease that has sunk into their entire system. They will not be aware of this disease until it is far to late. The virus is tricky and appealing in the beginning. It can appear to be very positive and uplifting for a period of time.

You might have noticed those few folks in the corner at your most recent social gathering. They were the ones with the concerned looks on their faces, probably not drinking much or maybe, too much and appearing to be the downers at the party. After all, who wants to discuss all those negative aspects of the world? What you may not realize is that those few ‘unhappy’ people may have been the only healthy humans in the room.

Denial Virus: Early Symptoms

Early symptoms of this virus include the absolute blanket acceptance as truth from any talking head on their television sets nightly news. If you’ve checked the market today and your stock is doing well, what else would you need to know? A contagious victim will always avoid any evidence that does not support his or her own immediate comfort and happiness goals.

You would never find an infected person reading Al Gore’s ‘Earth in the Balance’, although they might be quite vocal about his ulterior motives. A Bill McKibben book of any kind would not be found on their shelves. E.O. Wilson? Does he play in the NFL? A person infected with the Denial Virus would likely never have heard of this great man. Wangari Maithai won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004. She was one of our greatest warriors. Sadly, again, those infected will never share in her dream of a healthy planet.

Reasoning Center Hallucinations

pic-polar-bear-1The Denial Virus affects the victims center of reason to the degree that they hallucinate that it was ordained that humans would have dominion over the earth and therefore, have every right to destroy it and ourselves in the process. That same center of reason, which has now been corrupted by the virus, firmly believes that decree which provided us with this abundant home planet will now take care of all we have destroyed. At least will take care of US, probably not THEM.

This is all very negative talk, which attests to the fact that we have not yet been infected. But, I must say in closing that the single most devastating outcome of this disease is not only the certain death of the carrier, but also very possibly the extinction of our species: the ultimate in collateral damage.

Derailing Denial

You can inoculate yourself very simply and perhaps be the single hero to reverse the fate of the human race. All you must do is avail yourself of all the information available to you.

pandoras-promise-largeSpending one or two hours a week studying a variety of sources on the Internet by simply typing ‘climate change’ into your Google browser should adequately protect the average person. If reading is too difficult or time consuming, another easy and effective inoculation would be to watch a new documentary produced by Paul Allen’s Vulcan Productions. It is called, “Pandora’s Promise”. While it can be a shock to your system when taken in, it is certain to reverse the course of this disease.

Click to view > Pandora Promise Trailer

If these methods have not cured you completely of the Denial Virus, may we recommend that you read ‘Storms of My Grandchildren’ by James Hansen, the world’s leading climatologist? He’s been fighting this virus for decades. He knows a few things that will guarantee a complete cure.

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