Sonja Carson

Sonja CarsonSonja founded Berkana, International, a retained search firm focused on the technology sector in 1988. Over the next 25+ years, their clients included but were not limited to SMT Goupil, Paris, France; Borland, International, UK and Paris, France; The Greg Fester Group, UK; Software Publishing, UK and Germany and a host of leading technology firms in the US. These early international partners paved the way for our successful work with US giants like who quickly became international legends and leading nuclear providers such as the French-based, Areva.

Successes included positions ranging from Unix kernel developers relocated to France; country managers in France and the UK and deep technical positions ranging from software engineers to security architects to chief engineers to CIOs, CTOs, and CEOs. During her career, Sonja created a circle of associates who are the best in a specific field such as finance and accounting, and sales and marketing, as well as those who specialize in a specific part of the world.

Sonja’s passion is contributing to companies that are leading the way in innovation, creativity, and disruptive technologies. To that end, she has surrounded herself with those uniquely talented individuals who both contribute internally to their home organization, and to those who contribute to their clients’ success from a consulting and contractual capacity.