Why Renewable Energies and Why Now?

Scientists and laymen around the world now agree that our global life support systems are threatened. Our atmosphere is being assaulted every day by particles of CO2 and methane being spewed into the air by human industries run on fossil fuels.

Pollution and C02

The Increase of CO2

We simply must come to terms with weaning ourselves from fossil fuels and other forms of pollutants that threaten our survival. And yet, our populations need jobs and transport and electricity. We require energy to thrive. Our lives have been built around the comforts provided by technological innovation. As our global population grows, distribution of energy becomes more challenging and still more, mandatory. We now understand that the availability of electricity, along with the essentials of life, support education, development, opportunity and lowered birth rates in poverty stricken communities.

As countries struggle to provide power to millions who live below poverty level, as their consumption increases to meet their development needs, as ours in developing countries has, our planet becomes more and more endangered by the environmental destruction that has accompanied society’s progress.

Effects of Global Development

pic-smoke-box -300x225We can now chart the results of global development that contribute to the increase of CO2 and other pollutants. We can see the destruction of rain forests, coral reefs, glaciers and species that all play an intricate part in the ecosystem that sustains humanity. For the past several years, I have had a unique opportunity to stop and study our current crisis, which is both terrifying and compelling. In my former life, there was little time for study and my hours were consumed with completing the tasks before me.

Necessary Innovation

The unexpected gift of this quiet time afforded me an opportunity to research. Once the data was reviewed and understood, it became essential to participate and contribute to creating solutions. My unusual gift as a seasoned and highly successful recruiter lies in finding the brightest technical minds and inviting them to participate in building the best companies in the world. Santa Sophia Search came into being so that I might add my contribution to the efforts of so many already engaged in necessary innovation.


Leadership Combined with a Common Purpose

The wisdom of years has taught me that bright, agile, dedicated entrepreneurial ventures create movement and solve non-trivial problems – quickly. These small groups of talented individuals joined in common purpose with strong leadership can create miracles.

I’ve witnessed magic when six great minds gathered around a plastic picnic table in a hallway to find solutions. The air sizzled with energy and creativity as that team put personal issues aside and focused on the crisis at hand.

Santa Sophia Search is here to respond to our planet’s need for that magic, as applied to the creation of safe, clean, and sustainable energies. Renewable energy really is the only game in town…if we choose to preserve the town.

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